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Fertility Circle & Qi Gong
August 20, 2023
8 am


Dr. Dolopo

Do Fertility Circle 8 am
& Qi Gong at 9 am.


Next event 2024

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Dear Fertility Clients,


If 2024 is YOUR year to give birth to a baby, you may seriously want to consider attending our FERTILITY CIRCLE & Qi Gong.


You get out of this program what you put in. Really reconsider whatever excuses you have to not attend.


You get what you think about most of the time.

HAVE LASER FOCUS. Sun on the beach will NOT cause a fire. It will just feel nice and warm or hot. 

Sun ray focus on a magnifying glass will cause a fire. 

"A convex lens converge all the rays when they pass through it.

Sun ray is an electromagnetic wave and it carries energy.

When sun ray converges into one point, its energy becomes enough to raise the temperature high enough to burn anything depending on the radius of curvature of the lens or the magnifying glass." - Quora


Last year, I taught on Mother’s Day.



Almost mommy who gave birth this year and last attended my Fertility Circles.


Results are all that matter.

August 20, 2023

8 am 

Arrive at 7 am to park and meditate on your own.

San Clemente Pier where we normally do Qi Gong

Go to the right between towers 4 and 6 if there is an unexpected event.

Mommy & Daddy should come together. 

Those who cut corners for this special event typically do not achieve desired results.

Do your best to follow my protocol to a T. 


Please do not call or text me on Sunday morning. I will be with my children or driving.


$50 to Happy Club members

Per person


$100 to EIH patients

Per person


$200 to people who are not yet patients

Per person

$30 per person 

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is free to Happy Club members & to minors.



Parking is ample. Paid parking.

Arrive at 7:00/7:30 latest for YOUR benefit.

Please do not rush.

We will be to the RIGHT of the pier. When you walk onto the beach, look to the RIGHT of the pier and you’ll find me.


I will arrive by 8 am.


We will start on time.


8:00 am Fertility Circle

9:00 am Qi Gong (open to EVERYONE; you do not need to be a fertility client to join)


I will be facilitating

  • Breathing

  • Guided meditation

  • Detailed integration technique

  • Qi Gong

  • Emotional release

  • Verbal communication of our desires

  • And more.

  • You will not be sharing what’s in your heart unless YOU ask to and choose to. I will not ask anyone to share anything verbally.

  • You will benefit from this workshop if your spouse is with you. Whether it’s natural, IUI or IVF, an EGG and a SPERM are required.

  • If you have recently done IVF and are awaiting results, YOU NEED TO BE AT THIS WORKSHOP.

  • Wear warm clothes, sunglasses, hat, and have a towel to rinse off your feet.


Bring your open heart.

I do not know when next event will be. 


What to bring:

Blanket to put on beach


Warm clothes

Blue pen

White paper journal

A little lap table if you need it



I am doing this for YOUR benefit.


I am committed to COMMITTED fertility clients.


Please rewatch my TEXT ME DAILY video and my fertility daily pages.


The purpose of this event, texting me daily and the 5-10 minute work is to MAKE YOU A MOMMY.


Visit the private pages daily.

fertility circle august 2023 baby-boy-sitting-on-the-beach-near-the-water-and-plays-with-a

Christy S.

San Juan Capistrano, CA

5 Stars


Dr. Dolopo is a true healer! I came to see her while pregnant with my first baby on recommendation from my doula. She helped tremendously to make my last trimester more comfortable and to prepare my body for birth. Towards the end of my pregnancy, my OB was concerned about baby being too big and starting talking medical induction. He gave me the green light to try natural methods of induction at 37 1/2 weeks. I saw Dr. Dolopo on October 21st, and on the evening of October 23rd, my water broke and consistent contractions began shortly after. I was able to labor naturally and peacefully at home before heading to the hospital. My healthy baby boy was born on October 24th, thanks to Dr. Dolopo!


When my husband and I decided it was time to try for baby number 2, we initially tried for six months without success. I checked in with my OB, who said nothing was medically wrong and I should just "stress less". I knew Dr. Dolopo was the person I needed to reach out to. My husband and I both committed to her fertility program to prepare ourselves mentally, spiritually and physically to become pregnant again.


Within two months of following Dr. Dolopo's protocol, we found out we were pregnant. Her protocol not only helped us to have the second baby we hoped for, but also shifted our perspective, helped us realign our goals and open the door for multiple other blessings to come our way.


I'm now 35 weeks pregnant and have continued to see Dr. Dolopo regularly to help with the discomforts of each trimester of pregnancy. My pregnancy has luckily been uneventful and peaceful, however I recently sprained my SI joint running after my toddler, and Dr. Dolopo has helped with the pain while I heal.


We are now preparing for a home birth for our second baby boy, and we couldn't be more grateful to Dr. Dolopo for all she has done to improve our lives. If you are willing to put in the time, effort, and open mind to follow her protocols to heal your body, you will not regret it!


Beyond being a powerful healer, she is a wonderful person and truly cares about her patients. I can't recommend Dr. Dolopo enough.

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