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Anna's Fertility Program

Anna's Fertility Program is available to current patients who have received a minimum of 20 treatments.


Details are in this video.


A 1-2 hour private consultation is required.


We will discuss:

1. Acupuncture

2. Chinese herbs

3. Mindset

4. Qi Gong

and more


This is reserved for patients who have been with me for a minimum of 20 treatments.


I am grateful for all of my mommies and daddies who have trusted me since 1999.


This is reserved for CURRENT patients.


This is not for new patients.



This is not intended for everyone in my practice to join. It is not intended for patients who have strict time frames. This is not intended for patients who are impatient.


Anna's Fertility Program is for patients who are undergoing NATURAL fertility or WITH a western medical program with your fertility specialist.


This is an OPTIONAL program for all of my fertility patients.


My 11th fertility video briefly explains what you should expect from working with me.


Anna's Fertility Program is a minimum of 6 months.


As clearly stated under the FERTILITY section on my website:

Recommendations: ​




For Natural:

1. No Medical Diagnosis: 6-12 CYCLES

2. Medical Diagnosis or 1 Miscarriage: 12-18 CYCLES

3. 2+ Miscarriages or Severe Medical Diagnosis: 2-3 years - If you have any failed IUI or failed IVF, I request 2-3 years. 


For IVF: 2x a week until transfer = 6 months


Or 3 months MINIMUM prior to retrieval (3x a week) and then 3 times a week prior to transfer.


For IUI: 2+ times a week = 6 months


3x a week = 3 months

I do not deviate from my recommendations.


After over 2 decades of practice, I see WHAT WORKS and what does not. When you are ready to COMMIT to Anna's Fertility Program AFTER 20 treatments, I am ready to take you to the next level.


In my ACCOUNTABILITY video under VIDEOS on my website, which is given to every patient before they come in for initial treatment, the BEGINNING PHASE (no matter what the health issue is) is the first 20 treatments.


Feel free to review my website to see my work:

1. case studies

2. testimonials

3. videos


Thank you for trusting me, SoCal.

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