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Mental Health

  Improve Your Mental Health with an All-Natural Treatment for Anxiety and Pain

Acupuncture is an alternative strategy for pain management that has been known to help with both physical and mental health. If you’re struggling with anxiety and pain, acupuncture may be the treatment you need. Although mental diseases are based on psychological factors, there are physical and spiritual influences that can cause mental anguish as well. Acupuncture and eastern medicine, in general, is all about understanding how the human body is intertwined with the natural world on a cosmic level. As humans we are not isolated entities completely separate from the rest of the universe – we are spiritual beings that are a part of the larger tapestry of the universe. Acupuncture is all about realigning your internal energy so that the body can function the way it was meant to. Acupuncturists believe that anxiety and pain is a product of your energy being out of sync. We use needles to properly realign the energy, so you are relieved of all ache and discomfort.
My name is Ana Dolopo and I’m a California Licensed and National Board-Certified acupuncturist. I’m on a mission to spread the word about the natural healing powers of acupuncture and to help as many patients as I can overcome physical and mental health problems. If you are skeptical of the treatment, just read all the amazing testimonials past clients have provided on my website. No matter what kind of issues are causing you distress, there is a good chance acupuncture can help. If you’ve been suffering from anxiety and pain and traditional medicine just hasn’t done the trick, give acupuncture to try. You have nothing to lose, but the potential benefits are enormous.

Text 619-341-4341 or schedule an acupuncture directly online.

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