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Acupuncture Works

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Anne J.

Aliso Viejo, CA


5 Stars

3/15/2016 Updated review

How do I explain why I get acupuncture?

Because it works. My answer really is that simple, acupuncture works.

OK walking into an office and knowing I am wiling to be stuck with needles just seems weird, I totally agree.


Why go? Because it works.

You probably won't believe me, you think what you have can't be helped through acupuncture. I used to think the same way and learned acupuncture can help me and probably can help you as well.

I am not going to list the different issues over the years Anna at Elements in Harmony has fixed, you can read plenty of those on her website and in other Yelp reviews. I am just going to admit, it works. I know you still don't believe me, neither did I before going to see Anna. I told her as much at my first treatment and she just smiled and said give it a try. That was 7 years ago and I see Anna from time to time when one issue or another pops up in my life.

Why go to Elements in Harmony and not somewhere else? Anna is a gifted healer who understands how bodies work and how acupuncture will work on a body. I am amazed at some of the stories i hear (not from Anna) but other patients in the waiting room about how Anna used acupuncture to help a body heal.

The most common question I get asked (besides do the needles hurt) is how can I be in a room with other people. . I think of all the types of community treatments out there for dialysis or cancer treatments and realize this really is not so different, people in a room being treated. We are all there for the same reason, to get healthy and people respect each other and their space.

....about the needles; yes one or two hurts at times, Anna apologizes if the needle going in hurts (and she means it) but 98% of the time, i don't even realize where she is putting the needle.

Don't believe me; go give it a try yourself. If you see me there; ask what I am there for, I don't mind sharing :)

Simply put, acupuncture works.



12/26/2013 Previous review



Need to get healthy? Remember 3 words


Go see Anna


Just 3 words is all you need to know about my experience at Elements in Harmony.


Go see Anna


Really that is all you need to know--Go see Anna (well now would be a good time)


Still don't believe me? Do you really need more information about how wonderful a healer Anna is at Elements in Harmony? Really? You still need convincing since my telling you to just go is not enough?


Let me share one example of how Anna at Elements in Harmony helped me recently.


I came to Anna with a sore throat and 2 treatments later, my throat was 100% healed. No 10 days of antibiotics with side effects, no missed work because i lost my voice. I instead took a nice nap on a warm table (heating pads are so the way to go) and woke up to find Anna removing the needles and asking how I was feeling. Yes 2 treatments in a week cured my sore throat this winter. Coworkers are missing work, coughing and hacking away; sharing germs with their loved ones and the rest of us in the office.


Asked how i got healthy so quickly? My answer to them? Go see Anna


If you really want more details on how Anna has helped me over the years-you could ask and I might share but seeing is believing so instead go down to Elements in Harmony, meet Anna and ask how she can help improve your health.


I know- Anna helped mine.

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