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Prepare for Treatment

 ☀️ Dear Patients and Friends, ☀️ 


Thank you for being a very special part of our healing center!

Please - no perfume or heavily scented lotion. Some people here have respiratory issues. Strong scents can affect their ability to breathe well. Thank you for your understanding.


Quatricide TB Spray Disinfectant -EPA Listed for use Against COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2). This is available for you to use on your phone in the restroom. 


Community blankets are used in my office. You are welcome to use your own sheets, blankets and pillows.


☀️ Please bring earphones. You may want to download music into your phone, put your phone on airplane mode and play it during your session. I provide relaxing music also.☀️ 


Make sure you eat before each meal: a good protein and carbohydrates -packed meal. Be hydrated.


☀️ I need access to your KNEES AND ELBOWS, please. Please, if possible, wear LOOSE clothing.☀️ 


Bruising does occur with acupuncture. It is not often, but some people do bruise easily. If this bothers you, you may not want to do acupuncture. All needles are single use, FDA approved and are disposed of in SHARPS container. All areas needled are swabbed with alcohol except for the head if you have hair. 


I wash my hands frequently and/or sanitize my hands before each patient.

Please do not put your phones on your body. Protect yourself from EMR.

The consultation AND the acupuncture treatment will be received during your initial visit. 


Thank you for your consideration and patronage!


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Dr. Dolopo, DACM, Dipl. OM, L.Ac.



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