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Hypno-Doula Referral
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A synopsis of Carrie's talents and gifts:

I’m really good at holding space for people.💗


As a birth doula, and now as a, what I call, life doula. 😉💗


I have such a deep well of empathy that people have always naturally felt safe to surrender in my presence. Childbirth work was always natural fit for me, but I knew it wasn’t the only work I was here to do. Thus my calling to hypnotherapy and coaching. 

A lot of the clients I work with for hypnotherapy & conscious coaching have already worked with me for childbirth and it’s a natural extension, since what I do as a Hypno-coach is more in the psycho-spiritual healing realm, and childbirth very much is a mind/body/spirit experience. 

I can do traditional hypnotherapy, but all my hypnotherapy, coaching and trauma-informed training is about transcending the limitations and wounds of the mind and living, birthing, parenting and coupling from our true, authentic  wholeness. 
I’m deeply passionate about women parenting from this place of power, and raising  the next generation of humans peacefully. 

It starts in pregnancy and birth. And when women heal and transcend, their men generally come along with them. 😉💕

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