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Candida & Yeast Issues

Jessica J.

Laguna Hills, CA


5 Stars


Anna is outstanding!

Her personal compassion and acupuncture skills are out of this world.


I was desperate to relieve my severe candida/yeast problems. Nothing had worked. My first treatment Anna was able to reduce my symptoms by 80%. Soon after starting my treatment, all symptoms were gone. Gone! I hadn't felt this good in years. I couldn't remember what "normal" felt like until Anna.


I then had some changes within my career and found out I would not be able to carry a child (congenital heart defect) this drastically changed my life. I felt lost and depressed. Anna did her acupuncture magic and started to boost my self-confidence and helped me out of that dark place.


Anna truly cares about each and everyone of her patients. Anna has proven that nothing is incurable with acupuncture. Anna works on the body, mind, spiritual health and well being for overall success.

Note from Dr. Anna Dolopo:

I treated this woman for candida/yeast issues completely with The Balance Method Acupuncture.

I treated her 56 times from May 3, 2017 until November 12, 2018. We made tremendous results happen during our work together.


I was very happy with the commitment towards healing this patient had with me and so grateful that she trusted me with her health.

This patient had a SERIOUS desire to heal her health issues. She followed my recommended protocol, followed through with treatments and achieved her goals.

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