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Brain Hemorrhage

Yelp 259+

Laura R.

Laguna Niguel, CA

5 Stars



I have been going to Anna since February. I highly recommend her for Acupuncture. I started seeing her because I started to have migraines one day. I never had them before. My doctor told me that sometimes that just happens and then you have to live with it. I didn't accept that. Living with migraines is not living.


I would later find out it was due to a brain hemorrhage. But from the moment I met with Anna she gave me hope that I would not have to live with it. She knew she could help and she could see I needed it. My eyes told the story of the pain I was living with; they had become blood shot red from the pain.


I started aggressive treatment in February and after a few treatments I could tell it was helping. It was like she was able to turn the dial down on the pain. It would take months before I would be migraine free, but I made it, and it was largely due to Anna's help. Once I found out the cause, she was able to adjust treatments to consider the brain hemorrhage.


The doctors were not able to do anything really except pain meds that didn't work. I don't think I would be where I am today without her help.


I am still going to Anna and will keep going because I have improved from her treatments and I think she can continue to help me heal and stay healthy.


Definitely go see her for pain!

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