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A 40-year old woman came in for her 13th treatment on Monday. She started acupuncture therapy with me on September 4.


One of the main issues that I am treating is severe anxiety. On Monday, the patient was so happy to inform me of these RESULTS:


She went to the gym that morning for the first time in a very long time. She doesn't remember when she last went to a gym. Normally, she works out at home because she used to be anxious about going to the gym. She always felt like people were looking at her and judging her. This patient has had for many years a feeling of discomfort being around people. She hated social events or being anywhere there is a lot of people.


The patient claims 80% improvement overall with her anxiety issues. She is SO HAPPY. She couldn't believe it. She worked out at the gym with no feelings of anxiety and she felt confident being in public.


I am so proud of this woman.


BY THE WAY, this woman has an incredible physique. Don't think that only people who are medically defined as "obese" have issues with working out in public. This woman would be considered "perfect" according to society's standards.

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