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I have been Anna’s patient since June 2007. For the past two years I have been heavily into Chinese magic and its philosophical mumbo-jumbo. Acupuncture always seemed to me to be the cure for some psychological and behavioral issues I believed were hurting me in life.


I had walked into a different acupuncture clinic prior to seeing Anna and, even with my belief in acupuncture, I did not feel like the practitioner would be able to help me with my problems.


When I met Anna, she seemed very full of energy. We had dynamic conversation, just like she promises on her voicemail. After my first treatment, I noticed results: I had complained of an irregular sleeping pattern; that night I focused on one of the points she put in the back of my head and soon after had no problems knocking out. That achievement combined with Anna's "dynamism" sealed the deal for me.


Needless to say, I have seen Anna consistently since then and am very happy to say that as she promises, I have graduated from many of the pains I had initially come to see her for. I have always had a problem with structure, anxiety, and attitude with life. The anxiety I used to have is now completely eliminated. My attitude and sense of uselessness is now gone. I am now doing physical training daily and am pursuing an acting career with promising results. What this means to me is priceless and I can write on about this success forever. A lower back pain that used to plague me daily is now nearly gone.


I have no doubt in my mind that Anna played a crucial role in all of these positive results. One cannot help but love and admire the intensity and passion that she has for her craft. Without a doubt, this is something you will see in her every time you get a treatment, which transcends into giving each patient a positive experience, and most importantly, results.


In the Chinese Zodiac, Anna falls in the year of the Ox. I fall on the year of the Rat. There is a legend that all the animals of the Chinese Zodiac had a race across a great stream to determine what place they would be given during the zodiac's 12-year cycle. The Rat came in first and the Ox came in second. The Rat struck a deal with the Ox and rode on its back, while the Ox worked hard, trudging through the water, arriving at the other end and giving the Rat victory.


Anna has been my stability in life, and I am confident that no other acupuncturist could have given me the results she has. I am sure that if you are not a Rat, she can still carry you to victory across the great stream as well.

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