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284+ videos from our other 2 websites and previous YouTube channels with our new

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Videos made by Dr. Dolopo,

Dr. Lin,

Dr. Omidi,

Nicole Davidson, LMT,

Pam Kaur, L.Ac., RN

Dr. Deng

Melisa McCalla, L.Ac.

July 2021 Videos Newsletter


Acupuncture does the Impossible!

Acupuncture is Effective medicine

Acupuncture is POWERFUL medicine!

Dr. Dolopo's Acupuncture Day

5 Big Testimonials

5 Week Healing Intensive

6 Cases: Fertility

More videos on fertility: click here

7th Video on Fertility

8 Year-Old: Motor Ticks, ADD, ADHD

9th Video on Fertility

10th Video on Fertility: Anna's Advice

11th Video on Fertility: Introduction to Fertility with Anna

12th Video on Fertility: IVF/IUI

44-year old mommy conceived naturally

Accept Yourself for Who You Are

Acupuncture Research


Ankle Sprain

Athletic Injuries

Dr. Dolopo: Acupuncture

Dr. Dolopo: The Acupuncturist

Dr. ANNA DOLOPO 22nd year in practice: 2021

Dr. Dolopo's Fertility Program


Anxiety 2017


Anxiety from a TCM perspective by Dr. Huijia Deng

Anxiety & Depression by Dr. Shohreh Omidi

Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Wom
en's Health

Anxiety, Depression, Stress from a Chinese medical perspective by Pam Kaur, L.Ac., RN

Anxiety & Insomnia

Anxiety & Mental Health Issues 2023

Anxiety & Tonsils

Back Pain

Back Pain 2021

Back Pain: Dr. Hope Lin

Back Pain - Do You Suffer?

Bell's Palsy

Bell's Palsy & 25 Other Topics

Benefits of Qi Gong


Bishop: 10-year old Staffordshire Bullterrier

Blood Pressure down to 124/80 with Acupuncture!

Blue Balls: How to prevent


Breech Presentation & Placenta Previa Positively Impacted by Acupuncture!

Carpal Tunnel: Pam Kaur, L.Ac., RN

Clitoris: Atrophy of


Cosmetic Acupuncture

Covid-19 & its Health Impact on Overweight & Obese Patients


Dad's Hurt, Too

Dancing Doctor

Date Nights with your Partner/Spouse

Depression 2022


Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks

Destination Los Angeles

Season 3



Digestive Issues

Do It Dirty, Baby!

Do You Want to be a Mommy?

Do You Want to Feel Relaxed?


Dr. Shohreh Omidi's videos

Dr. Richard Teh-Fu Tan

Dry Eye

Easter 2024

Easy Fertility Case

Eating Disorder

Elements in Harmony Team November 2022


Elevated Liver Enzymes


Energy, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Thyroid & More

Estrogen: Dr. Omidi

Estrogen & Alcohol: Dr. Omidi

Estrogen & Bowel Movements: Dr. Omidi

Estrogen & Fitness: Dr. Omidi

Estrogen & Sleep: Dr. Omidi


Fertility after 2 Ectopic Pregnancies

Fertility Introduction Video

Fertility Protocol: Dr. Dolopo

Fertility & Full Term Pregnancy

Fertility & More Babies

Fertility Testimonial

NATURAL FERTILITY with Dr. Dolopo -- 4 failed IVFs before working with Dr. D

Fibroid 11.1 cm reduced to 8.8 cm in 2 months = 14 acupuncture treatments


Fire cupping, Moxibustion, Acupuncture, Tui Na and the Works!

Foot Pain & Restless Leg Syndrome




Healing part 3
part 2
part 1

Healthy Kids

Herniated Disc

High-risk Pregnancy

Hip Pain


Hormone Imbalance

How I've kept my kids healthy 

Hypertension 2023


I Make Lots of Babies!

Immune System

Immune System 2020

Immunity 2021

Insomnia - Severe

Insomnia 2022

Insomnia, Irregular Menses, Weightloss

Integrative Oncology

Intimacy & Fertility aka  Taoist BUMP & GRIND Advice

IVF Successful at age 40


Kidney Disease Stage 4, Low Platelets

Kidneys Failing


Knee & Lack of Menses

Laguna Hills Chamber of Commerce: Dr. Dolopo Presentation July 2023

Lina's Baby


Life Hacks for Parents part 1

Life Hacks for Parents: Show up and Don't quit


Libido & S E X - PRIVATE

Loss of Smell


Massage & Neuromuscular Sports Therapist: 
Nicole Davidson

Making a baby takes commitment

Making Time for Intimacy


Melisa McCalla, L.Ac.

Meet Melisa


Menses is Safe during Menses

Menstrual Health

Migraine 2023

Migraine & Brain Hemorrhage

Migraines & Headaches

Bilateral Morton's Neuroma


Multiple Sclerosis & Trigeminal Neuralgia


Neck Pain, Pre-Surgical Care, Back Pain

Nicole Davidson, LMT: 20+ years massage experience

November 2021 Update


Pain 2022

Pain July 2022

Pam Kaur, L.Ac., RN 


Pikachu: Certified Therapy Dog

Placenta Previa Cases

Placenta Previa: Complete

Placenta Previa: Complete 2012


Placenta Previa: Complete 2024

41-year old mom

Placenta Previa: Marginal

PCOS & Fertility

Plastic & Hormones: Dr. Omidi

Severe PMS, Exhausted, Digestive Issues, Headaches, Dizziness

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Post Infection Symptoms

Powerful Energy

Prepare for Birth Naturally

Preparation for Twins Birth

Prevent Miscarriages

Qi Gong

Qi Gong on the Beach with Dr. Dolopo

Qi Gong for Fertility

Qi Gong Research

Realistic Expectations


Revisit Fertility July 202

Sciatic & Hip Pain: 90-year old woman back on horse


Self-Care & Dating Your Spouse

Sexual Abuse

Sleep: Leilani Navar, Dipl. OM, L.Ac.

Sleep: Dr. Shohreh Omidi

Smoking; Type II Diabetes



Stretch Forearms

Stretch Whole Body

Student Spotlight of the Month: Pacific College of Health & Science




Tinnitus, Bacterial Vaginosis, Depression

Torn Hamstring

Vision: -3.75 to -1.50

Vision, Thyroid, Neck

We love & appreciate our patients!

Weight loss

Weight loss: Dr. Deng

Wheelchair to Walking

Working Women & Infertility


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