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Bacterial Vaginosis
Wrist & Shoulder Pain

I had tinnitus and ear infections for about two years. I went to several doctors, changed my diet, and had also seen previous acupuncturists, but the problem persisted. I found Anna, and after reading through her testimonies and watching her videos, I decided to try acupuncture with her. 


The initial visit instantly helped me in so many more ways than I had expected. We talked about my main concern, which opened up many other problems within my life and how they are related to my mind, body, and spirit. We talked about my depression and anxiety as well which allowed for these aspects of myself to be worked on. 


My ears started to improve right away, and I could even feel the pain ease during acupuncture treatments. I also felt my mood change after each acupuncture treatment. I started off by going 3 times a week as I truly wanted to feel better and thought that it was entirely worth it. 


Having the consultations with her always greatly improved my self esteem. They have been a huge help in leading me towards being a much more confident and happy person. They are short, but I do recommend them even every once in a while throughout treatments.


I also was continuously getting vaginal infections so she treated me for this as well. I took v-statin with the treatments and my symptoms lessened until the infection was finally gone. I had been taking probiotics as well.  


I also had shoulder and wrist pain during the treatments, so she treated me for these also. The pain in my shoulder went away after 3 sessions (slipped and fell onto my shoulder), and the pain in my wrist went away in one session (pain from playing guitar). 


Overall, my experience with Anna was the most beneficial and holistic treatment I have received. I am still working on improving my ears, but I wouldn't have seen this much improvement without receiving acupuncture from her. Thank you Anna!



Thank you :)


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