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Dear Patients and Friends,


I’ve been in practice since 1999. 


I am beyond grateful that I’ve been able to help many people for the last 24 years with the POWERS of Chinese medicine. 


There are some people in my personal life who don’t take the time for acupuncture, and may or may not be compliant with taking herbs. In those cases, I’ll prescribe herbs to those who are willing and able to take the herbal formulas the way I recommend the dosage and length of herbal medicine treatment.


Outside of acupuncture and Chinese herbs, I’ve clinically observed the benefits of CBD with a variety of my patients over the last few years, especially regarding pain and sleep issues. Their testimonials for high quality CBD are amazing.  I’ve decided to invest in this particular company for someone very close to me. He’s very excited that I’ve taken this step for him because he - as a layperson - has heard of the tremendous benefits of CBD. This is a particular product and brand that he will be very compliant with and for that, I am very grateful. 


If you have any friends or loved ones who are not receiving the benefits of acupuncture and Chinese herbs or would like to incorporate CBD with their Chinese medicine therapy, please consider purchasing from my website directly. 


If you’d like to buy them at wholesale like I’ve done, please call me at office landline:

  • 949-305-1703 

  • text me at 619-341-4341

or just click on JOIN OUR FAMILY at the bottom of the website. There is no cost to join as an affiliate. You simply place your order as an affiliate and you get wholesale prices.


You can just place a regular order at the regular rates or you can join as an affiliate for free and get wholesale rates. 


Thank you for your consideration!



Dr. Dolopo

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