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Hormone Imbalance

Tara A.
Newport Beach, CA

5 Stars

January 31, 2016


I am so grateful to have found such an amazing, wholehearted, dedicated healer. Anna has truly given me my life back.

For the past three years I've suffered from a pretty severe hormone imbalance after trying different kinds of birth control (which I'm no longer on, and never will be). I was quickly turned off when searching for answers through western medicine and started seeking more natural ways of healing.

Over the years I've tried numerous natural healing methods like herbs, diet, meditation, etc., yet nothing seemed to be getting to the root of the problem, and although all of these things helped, the fog never seemed to go away. It was almost as if I was living a dream, like my mind and my body were completely detached. I had a hard time remembering things, hard time responding to people, and at times felt like I was going crazy. My bouts of depression and heavy anxiety lead to a binge eating disorder, which only increased my hormone imbalance and made it difficult to stick to a healthy balanced diet. It was a very painful period of my life but after finding Anna my life has turned 180°s.

I've been seeing Anna for about 4 months now and the amount of peace and clarity I've gained is indescribable. Not only am I 100% free from my depression, my anxiety has tremendously diminished, and I hardly have any more sugar cravings. I actually choose to eat a healthier diet, instead of forcing myself to do so because I just fell so damn good! I am no longer just "trying to make it" through the day, and instead, wake up grateful for the new day ahead. I have a deeper connection within myself and truly feel like I am LIVING again.

My gratitude for Anna is cosmic. Her facility is extremely clean and comfortable, and she goes out of her way to make sure you feel so. My one piece of advice for new patients is to be patient! Your body takes time to heal, its a process, but don't give up! For myself, the real healing didn't start till about after 10 treatments.

If your having any doubts, stop, and just go see Anna.

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