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Back Pain
& More

Renee J. 
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 


5 star


I discovered Elements in Harmony from Yelp. I haven't been going to see Anna for very long, but the first time I saw her, she helped loosened my chest when I was suffering from a cold and she helped me feel less anxious and more clear.


I've seen her a few times now and WOW! I mean it. I have several things I'm suffering from: back pain that radiates to my arms and legs and some other health stuff.


I feel different after visiting her. I feel less pain and less anxious. My energy level feels good. I also have a more positive outlook on the world and towards my family. This is so important for me because it was just hard to leave my home in the morning with my kids and now I'm feeling like getting out and enjoying the California sunshine.


Anna is also a very warm and pleasant person to talk to and she seems to project positivity. I'll write an update later regarding how my treatment is going, but WOW!

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