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Anxiety & Insomnia

I began seeing Anna Dolopo around mid-2017, while being treated for anxiety and insomnia. It’s still unclear as to the cause of my problems; possibly a drug interaction, a thyroid condition or a nutrition or digestion issue. I was being treated with one psychiatric medication after another. None of it worked and many caused horrible physical side effects.

Anna treated me (with acupuncture) for the anxiety and sleep, but mainly to help me tolerate the prescribed medications. I know that I was difficult to treat since my baseline kept fluctuating with the change in drugs.

When I finally decided to get off the last of the drugs (Xanax and Seroquel), Anna helped me tremendously with the weaning and kick-back symptoms. In addition to the worsening anxiety and insomnia, physical problems include back and legs pains, stomach pains, headaches and body aches. Acupuncture treatments especially helped when I started experiencing constrictions in my chest and esophageal area, especially when eating. After a few treatments, the chest tightness and squeezing went away completely.

Anna is such a caring person. She helped me to weather the tough times, and taught me the power of having a positive outlook. I am a firm believer in her acupuncture treatments. I know the symptoms that I had were caused by taking man-made drugs. I am much better now, and credit Anna and acupuncture with helping me to maintain my health.

-Linda N.

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