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Preparation for Natural Birth

Noel K.
Mission Viejo, CA

Rating: 5.0 star


Ok, I've been trying to post this earlier, but somehow my laziness got the best of me. I have been to quite a few acupuncturists in my life and never have I seen an apparent difference or improvement even with multiple long-term treatments. Anna was by far the most impressive acupuncturist I've experienced and I am not exaggerating by saying this. I normally don't leave reviews for lots of places to start with.

I went in to see Anna last November when I was late with my baby and all the walking and acupressure wasn't helping with the progress. My first one took forever to progress and my second one was already 5 days late when I went in for an induction acupuncture. Honestly, I was skeptical but was desperate enough to try anything. Somehow I found out about Anna and this has been the best blessing for our family during this childbirth.

I could see she was really busy with loads of patients going in and out, and it seems she was super attentive to every single one of them. Initially, I thought she was too distracted to pay attention to my case, but once she sat down, she was compassionate, took attention to details, and in a way she had me process my hidden fear from the previous childbirth experience which might have been the most important thing I had to do before the second one's arrival.

As much as I wished to keep things as natural as possible, Anna assured me the treatment would not affect things unless the baby was ready to progress.

With all the acupuncture treatments I've been to, I still get uncomfortable each time I see the needles. She explained step by step as she placed each needle and made it as comfortable as it could get. I was offered a comfy eye pillow and I spent 45 minutes laying there feeling the change in my body, immediate progress, I could literally feel my pelvis bone opening wider and the baby moving lower! It was the weirdest experience ever!

After the treatment, the progress continued and I was in transition by the time we made it home! My appointment with Anna was at 8 pm, my baby arrive at 3 am in the morning! Thank you, Anna! It was the most pleasant experience ever and I wish I shared it with everyone earlier. I'm glad I took note of others' recommendations and I plan to visit her with any other treatments in the future! Especially if you are late in childbirth and wish to experience your childbirth as natural as possible, I'd give her a visit indeed. One thing I'd do differently is, probably see her earlier in the pregnancy instead of last-minute once the baby's late.

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