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Natural Fertility 
Wrist Pain
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Betty S.

Irvine, CA

5.0 star rating



This review is looong overdue!


I first saw Anna a few years ago. I just had a baby and while trying to hold him and groceries at the same time, I sprained my wrist badly. I was in so much pain and it just wasn't getting any better even after wearing a brace for a week. My chiropractor suggested that I see Anna. I made an appointment but was skeptical.


During the initial consultation, I was immediately drawn (and impressed) by Anna's confidence and passion. I've been scared of needles all my life, but she didn't shame me or try to brush my fear aside. After a few seconds she was done with putting needles in. I took a nap and when I woke up, I was able to move my wrist! I was in shock and I was soo happy I didn't need surgery hahaha.


I got in touch with Anna again when my husband and I were trying for another baby and it was so much harder than we expected. I was trying all kinds of tracking and diets and whatnot and after many months I became very stressed about "infertility." I went to Anna hoping she can help me get my body into "optimal state." Anna was helpful and optimistic and her confidence made me feel so relieved. She made it clear that her goal was for me to be healthy (physically and mentally) and happy. Within a couple of months, we conceived naturally, and we were just amazed and beyond happy. Throughout my pregnancy, I kept seeing Anna regularly. Her office became my happy place and I'm so thankful she was there for me.


Now whenever I hear about friends or family having any kind of ailments, I just give them Anna's contact. She's seen my husband for his wrist and leg pain, my sister for her back pain, my mom for her neck and shoulders, my friends for all kinds of things..And I've always heard amazing results.


P.s. Also, Anna's scheduling /appointment system is so easy and user friendly it makes me feel like she must be a genius.

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