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Deliberate Creation Circle

Dear Clients,

The next event will be held in 2025.


February 18, 2024


7:30 am

Deliberate creation circle ⭕️

Arrive at 7:00 for parking. We will start on time. 

If you did the Fertility Circle in 2024, the Deliberate Creation Circle is only $25 per person.  

$50 for Happy Club Members 

$150 for EIH Patients/Clients per person

$200 for non-patients/clients per person

$30/person for Qi Gong

Qi Gong is free to Happy Club members and minors

9 am Qi Gong 

Arrive at 8:30 for parking

Qi Gong & Deliberate Creation are stronger together


You get out of this program what you put in. 


In my life, I’ve been blessed with many things I’ve hoped, wished and prayed for. I will be sharing how to “create” our desired life. 


Prayers, wishes, and goals do matter. A fundamental topic is imagination. We’ll be doing Dr. Dolopo’s Integration Technique and some other key elements in designing the life we dream of. This is not necessary about “stuff.” The most precious things in life are the things that come for free, things we cannot buy, such as authentic love, feeling loved and more. This class will also be about “stuff,” if that’s what your goals are!


Clarity is POWER.


Thought + Action = Success


Results are all that matter.


San Clemente Pier where we normally do Qi Gong


Please do not call or text me on Sunday morning. I will be with my children or driving.




Parking is ample. Paid parking.

Please do not rush.

We will be to the RIGHT of the pier. When you walk onto the beach, look to the RIGHT of the pier and you’ll find us. If you get there ahead of time, please set up, stretch, write, meditate, pray, and enjoy the beach.

If there is an unexpected surfing event at the beach, please walk to the right between towers 4 and 6. We will be there. 

Unless it is super raining, this event will be at the beach. If it is not, we'll move to the office. Call/text me by 6:45 am if you'd unsure where to go if it's raining.


I will arrive by 7:30 am.

7:30 am Deliberate Creation workshop

Arrive 7:00

9:00 am Qi Gong

Arrive 8:00

We will be FOCUSING on EXACTLY what we want. We will learn how to develop REAL ability to FOCUS in order to ACHIEVE RESULTS.


Please make sure you come completely prepared EARLY with ALL NECESSARY MATERIALS. 


How you do anything is how you do everything. How you DO anything determines how soon you will achieve your desired results.


I will be facilitating

  • Breathing

  • Guided meditation

  • Detailed integration technique

  • Qi Gong

  • Emotional release

  • Verbal communication of our desires

  • And more.

  • You will not be sharing what’s in your heart unless YOU ask to and choose to. I will not ask anyone to share anything verbally.

  • You will benefit from this workshop with an OPEN MIND, HEART and RELENTLESS SPIRIT to obtain your BURNING DESIRE.

  • Wear warm clothes, sunglasses, hat, and have a towel to rinse off your feet.


Bring your open heart.


Venmo @Anna-Dolopo 

Apple pay 619-341-4341 


Cashapp 619-341-4341 

Zelle 619-341-4341 


Or you can text your cc



Zip code


Please pay by Friday 

February 16, so I know that you are coming.


What to bring:


Blanket to put on beach

Beach chair

Warm clothes

Blue pen

White paper journal

A little lap table if you need it


Consider joining Dr. Dolopo's Happy Club.



  1. How teachable are you?

  2. Follow people who have what you want.

  3. If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.

  4. What is your level of commitment to achieving your desires?

  5. Do you know exactly what you want and how frequently with enthusiasm and WITHOUT doubt are you working towards it?

  6. How much do your negative thought patterns get in the way of your ability to move towards your goal post?

  7. Define your goals and work that plan to achieving your goals.

  8. Do you really know and act upon LACK of resistance?

  9. Do excuses define your life?

  10. How HAPPY are you?

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