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Bell's Palsy

I wanted to take this time to fulfill a promise. I gave my word to this exceptional healer that I would share my testimony on her behalf if she could heal me, and she did.


Today I'd like to honor Anna Dolopo L.Ac., Acupuncturist and Owner of Elements in Harmony.


I've always believed there's a place for Eastern and Western medical practices and it's good to have an understanding of both.


Your health is your wealth!


While I've been very healthy most all of my life, about 9 months ago I was feeling unusually tired and had a strange pain in my neck. It lasted a few days and one afternoon I came home and laid down early. I woke up and realized I couldn't smile all the way or close my eye on one side either. I called my Dr. and he said, "Get in here immediately."


I had been through some trauma and heavy stress over several years and it finally caught up to me. I thought I'd had a stroke but my Dr. said I think you have Bell's Palsy. I didn't know how I contracted it, but it's a virus that's brought on by stress like most everything is. I was drained of all energy and could barely get out of bed for a month. My face was paralyzed on one side and my Dr. put me on steroids, which I'd never been on for 3 weeks. Nothing happened.

I would grab the bathroom sink in the morning, and rally against the enemy* that he'd stolen some things in my life but would never steal my smile. It was a horribly frightening and depressing time. This can last several months to a year or it could be permanent. It's not a very simple thing to wrap your mind around to say the least.


About that time, while laying on my back, I thought of Anna. I'd visited her several years earlier for a small pain that she healed in 2 visits. When I called her she said, "I have 100% success with this. How soon can you come in?" I was thrilled that she could say something like that so easily and mean it! I went to Anna for 13 sessions over a several month period and laid on that bed for 2-3 hours at a time. I asked her to dial it up to the highest I could handle each visit. My energy started to return and my eye came back by 30%, etc. Then my smile to 50.. 75, etc., and then to 100%.


My Dr. said that he thought it was a miracle how quickly I came out of it considering it can last much longer. I know Anna is the real deal! And she's the reason I can smile again, not the steroids.


We all have challenges and adversities we're dealing with and you never know how heavy they are for others. Finding the right solutions and people to help is key. That's the reason I wanted to share this when I was far on the other side of it. I don't like dwelling on challenges, but I thought it was important to give glory and to remember to be kind to everyone. Behind all of the great things that are happening in our lives, we all have difficulties and at different times some are very serious.


Anna is a skilled acupuncturist and a true healer. She's a gift from God and I know that she came to mind because of my prayers. We're friends now and I wanted to share this wonderful woman and her talents. If you're in the OC area, I highly recommend her. She can remedy a multitude of things, from almost any pain to fertility issues. Her scope is broad and her fees are highly reasonable. If you're somewhere else in the US, I would definitely check with Anna for a recommendation of her trained methodology, from someone near you.


Thanks for letting me share this highly professional miracle worker, beautiful woman and now friend with you today. :) Shine on Anna and thanks for making this world a better and healthier place one person at a time! :)


*the enemy was her ex-boyfriend

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