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Preparation for Birth
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Alyssa D.

Lake Forest, CA

5.0 star rating


Anna is so wonderful!


I started getting acupuncture from her at 35 weeks pregnant in September 2017. I was very concerned about going very late, and so I wanted my body to be as primed for labor as possible.


I was a huge skeptic, but my midwife recommended her, and I was so happy for it! During every session I felt my body being better prepared and my baby moving in ways he didn't normally.


I delivered late, but without the acupuncture I am nearly certain I would have gone much later. Honestly though, the BEST part I wasn't even expecting. I went into labor at 3cm dilated and my labor was incredibly efficient and NOT THAT BAD!! Oh my goodness. I would feel cervical soreness at the end of my sessions toward the end due to how Anna would place the needles, and I know that it was that that really helped my labor go so smoothly.


I am so grateful and will definitely have her help me in any future pregnancies.

Also, socially Anna is so wonderful. Even though she has so many clients, she is so responsive and makes you feel like your service is so personalized. She truly cares about you.


Thank you, Anna!!!

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