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Pre-Surgical Care: Hysterectomy

Hi Anna,

I wanted to share my experience with my recent surgery with you. Because of an increased risk of both Ovarian and Uterine cancer I had a prophylactic removal of ovaries, tubes, cervix and uterus. I was advised by my surgical team as well as quite a few women who had this surgery that I would be in great pain and walking hunched over. You and I talked and you recommended I get acupuncture treatments prior to the surgery as it would help avoid pain and was more important than coming after surgery.

We had several sessions prior to my surgery and I am so happy to report what an amazing recovery. I was discharged from surgery two hours after walking completely upright. I never had to take a single pain pill. The nursing staff who checked in with me could not believe that I did not have to take the prescribed Tramadol, but that I also did not even need to take Ibuprofen. The day after the surgery I was able to take the dog for a walk up and down the street no problem (picture attached). No one believes me that my recovery has been this amazing, but I know you do.


Thank you so much for making this an easy and pain free experience.



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