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Neurological Pain Post-Surgery
(Thoracic Outlet)
Yelp 250+

Jessica H.

Mission Viejo, CA

5 Stars


This review is long overdue! I have been a patient of Anna's since 2017. I had complications after rib removal surgery for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and lost most of the feeling in my upper arm down to my fingers.


I was experiencing pain, numbness and muscle spasms. I was suffering from the nerves in my neck latching on to scarred tissue and my neck muscle. Nerve pain is tricky to treat because it's internal. My surgeon suggested another surgery to remove the muscle in my neck because according to him these symptoms would not go away on their own.

Instead of choosing to undergo surgery, I decided to go to Acupuncture three times a week along with working out, physical therapy and treatment from a pain specialist who highly recommend acupuncture. When I would visit Anna, my pain would be at least a 7 or 9 and within 20 minutes of the needles being inserted my pain was close to gone. It really works, but you have to stick with it and commit to going a few times a week.

Anna is a miracle worker and I can't thank her enough. I am now almost completely pain free for three months!

I have also received treatment from Anna for ear infections. I get a lot of ear infections and after seeing Anna the pain would completely go away within a few hours. Acupuncture has also cured the cold and flu for me.

Anna has helped me with muscle spasms on my face and eyelid (this is also due to nerve irritation). Again, after my treatment the pain and spasms were completely gone.

I will continue to see Anna for the rest of my life for any medical concerns that come up.

I highly recommend her services to anyone! She is a miracle worker and a master in her craft.

***Anna's notes: 55 Balance Method Acupuncture treatments 7/21/18-12/17/19

Breakdown of treatment dates:

July 2018: 5 treatments

August:      3 treatments

8 in 2018

March 2019: 1 treatment

April:                3 treatments

May:                 10 treatments

June:                8 treatments

July:                  6 treatments

August:           5 treatments

September:   5 treatments

October:         4 treatments

November:    3 treatments

December:    2 treatments

47 treatments in 2019

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