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Celeste K.

Tustin, CA


5 Stars

I've lost 20 pounds thanks to Anna!

I initially met Anna at my MMA gym. I was training over 7 hours per weeks with world class athletes and fighters, yet I was continuing to gain weight.

Anna mentioned that she would begin the process of losing her weight from her recent pregnancy, I jokingly asked her if she could do something about mine. With all seriousness she responded "Yes, it may take 2 months of weekly treatments, but the answer is yes. The weight will come off."

Anna assigned me some reading and explained that the source of my constant weight gain was most likely my chronic stress. I never thought to connect the two. At the time that I began treatments, I was caught in the crossfires of a multimillion dollar embezzlement scheme at work. Up until the moment the embezzlement was discovered all of the inconsistencies were naturally being directed at me, the corporate secretary.

In addition to the weekly treatments I made many small changes, as outlined in my assigned reading, to manage my stress.

Now I fall asleep faster, sleep through the night, I'm full for many hours after I eat, and my fine line wrinkles seem to be slowing down.

Yesterday my doctor made me step on the scale and I'm down 20 pounds from a year ago! I did no crash dieting, I actually decreased my exercise and the weight just seems to be gradually falling off!

Thank you Anna, you delivered so much more than you promised!!

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