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Wanda W.

Long Beach, CA

5 Stars


A very long overdue review.

I started seeing Ana back in 2013 when I was first diagnosed with Urticaria. After seeing several doctors and being treated with traditional medicine nothing worked and when the doctor said there was nothing else she could do I started looking for alternatives and is when I found Ana. After few session I was cured and I have not had any episodes of Urticaria since.

Since then I made a promise to myself - not to contaminate my body with toxic medicines and use acupunture as my medicine. So far, it is working to the T. Now my doctor knows he tells me what I have and I come to Ana to fix it.

Most recently I discovered I don't have any cartilage on my right knee. After a couple of doctors who don't want to do surgery because I am "too young" basically they told me to learn how to live with the pain. I wasn't able to walk straight without limping and I wasn't able to wear heels - torture for me. Well, here I go again to Ana; not only has she controlled my pain, but I wear my 4" heels every day.

Now she is treating my family heritage of bad cholesterol and hypothyroid.

Not to mention I drive from Long Beach every Tuesday to see her. Also, I have tried many other acupuncturists before when I didn't want to drive to Laguna Hills. Don't waste your money and/or time; there is no other like her.


Thank you, Ana, you are the best!

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