Anna Dolopo's 91st Video

10th Video on Fertility


There is an error in the video. The correct explanation for the Accountability is in the Accountability Video:

For specific health symptoms:

This is Anna Dolopo's Formula. 

Under once a week: expect nothing

Once a week: expect 30-70%+ improvement in 2-4 months

2 or more times a week: expect 30-80%+ in 2-6 weeks











For Natural:

1. No Medical Diagnosis: 6-12 CYCLES

2. Medical Diagnosis or 1 Miscarriage: 12-18 CYCLES

3. 2+ Miscarriages or Severe Medical Diagnosis: 2-3 years - If you have any failed IUI or failed IVF, I request 2-3 years. 

For IVF: 2x a week until transfer

***Ideally: 3 months minimum prior to retrieval. I prefer to treat you for 6+ months prior to retrieval - AND THEN: 2+ times a week until transfer.***

For IUI: 2+ times a week. I prefer to treat you for a minimum of 3 months, ideally 6 months prior to starting process.***

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