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Complete Placenta Previa
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Jane P.

5 Stars


Pregnant at age 45 with my first child and I wanted a homebirth, but was diagnosed at 4 months with COMPLETE Placenta Previa. My desire was for a non-invasive, uncomplicated pregnancy and peace-filled birth experience for my baby girl, myself, and my husband. I am not crazy and would have agreed to a hospital birth if found medically necessary. We began to put in place our plan A (homebirth) and plan B (hospital birth - If I was going to have a cesarean, I did not want to have to have an Emergency C-Section).


My midwife, Lindsey Meehleis of OC Midwifery, referred me to Anna Dolopo of Elements in Harmony after my 4 month ultrasound appointment, stating that one of Anna's specialties is successfully moving both Complete and Partial placentas for women who want to have vaginal births. I stupidly began to seek out and interview several other acupuncturists re: their experience helping pregnant women move their placentas (I was hoping to avoid driving 25 minutes, one way to Anna's office).

After wasting 5 weeks on a dead end search, I finally gave Anna a call. It was clear from the phone interview that she was the practitioner that I was supposed to work with. From the moment you walk into her office she puts you at ease and empowers you with her love and knowledge to focus on your healing.

I began working with Anna when I was 6 months along (I had sadly wasted 5 weeks, but that was in the past). Anna established a timeline for the placenta to move and my job was to set and make all of my multiple weekly appointments. I run my own business and have an extremely busy schedule. It took time for me to work out my schedule to include my several times a week appointments through the holiday season.

We got the official go ahead that the placenta had successfully moved and that we could have a vaginal birth at 9 months.

Thanks to Anna, I was going to have my dream come true of having a home birth.

My baby girl arrived 1 week after her due date. She was born in our bedroom along the side of our bed with my husband's loving arms around me, and our team surrounding us. I could not have prayed for a better pregnancy and birthing experience.

THANK YOU, Anna, for your amazing support!!!

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