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High Immune System
Low Stress

I thought I would share this and maybe I am unique in my situation or not? Please share with others as appropriate. 

I worked with Anna for the past several years on various health issues and usually during the treatment I "feel" nothing. I hear Anna tell people about the symptoms they might experience while lying on tables but me well I just fell asleep. Perhaps you are like me, you come in; tell Anna your health issues, get stuck with some needles and lay there. The most interesting thing that happens is I get cold and well I just chalk that up to I get cold easily and don't think twice about it. I find acupuncture simple to do and while I "feel" nothing during the treatment yet I am a lot healthier than every before in my life. 

I hear others talking about how their bodies react to acupuncture, how sometimes the other patients' faces itch or they get really hot during the treatment; how electricity seems to shoot down a leg and other similar things. Me, I just take a nap and wake up feeling better than when I went to sleep. 

I am sharing this because I am a lot healthier.


I graduated from back pain, strengthened my immune system, reduced my stress levels (while keeping the same crazy lifestyle) and lost weight.


I did all of this while sleeping on a treatment table "feeling" nothing. Perhaps you are like me and feel nothing while on the treatment table; it is OK we are special and unique and just because we don't feel anything doesn't mean it is not working. 

Over the course of time I got healthy and so will you.


Christ, my Lord and Savior, gave me an amazing doctor in Anna. God gave Anna an amazing gift to help heal our bodies with a bunch of tiny needles. Take this time and opportunity to get healthy. 

....Feels nothing but is a whole lot healthier every day!

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