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Liver Disease

Thank you for the follow up. "B" is doing extremely well. His liver finally hit the number for him to be declared "healthy." He is playing football and enjoying his junior year in high school.


As a family, we are happy to write a testimonial on your website. Please just let us know how to do it. We are also happy to refer you to anybody that will listen. We can never thank you enough for helping B in his recovery.

Mr. & Mrs. "J"

(Practitioner’s notes)
Jaundice, Slow healing liver, Itching, Difficulty Sleeping

Liver disease caused by Anabolic steroids

MDs gave him 1+ year to heal.

I treated the patient 5 times with Balance Method Acupuncture.


After the 4th treatment:

Itching 100% improved.

Sleeping 100% improved.

Jaundice 95% improved.

Bilirubin level decreased from 45 to 30 to 10 from 1st to the 4th treatment (it should be under a 1).

According to the email from patient's parents, his liver is HEALTHY after a total of 5 treatments.


The doctors gave the 16-year old patient a very poor prognosis, stating that this slow-healing part of the liver would take 1+ year to heal (with medications). I initially asked for 6-9 months (claiming that I hope to decrease healing time from 25-50%; I obviously underestimated Dr. Tan's Balance method because it took me a TOTAL OF 5 TREATMENTS to earn this letter).


Doctors absolutely don't believe that the acupuncture had anything to do with the improvement during the 2.5 weeks the patient was under my care. 

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