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Maria A.

San Francisco, CA

5 stars



I met Anna Dolopo via a referral from a friend of a friend for an acupuncturist for my mother.


My mother was diagnosed with scleroderma last year and was in very bad shape.


I was entirely grateful to meet Anna and have her treat my mother after seeing what a wonderful, positive human being she is. She always made my mother feel better, stronger and more sure of herself. Every visit gave my mother a sense of hope and well being. Whenever we brought my mother to Anna's we were also made to feel welcome and part of her family. Her warmth, beauty and calmness comes from within as well as from without, and I believe gives her patients motivation to do better, feel stronger, and grow healthier. The tender care and kindness she has shown my mother - who needed it very badly - along with that ever-present positive attitude - will always be appreciated by our family.


I cannot recommend Anna strongly enough!

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