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Compulsive Eating

Liz M.
Long Beach, CA


5 Stars



I can't imagine going to anyone but Anna for my acupuncture needs.

The first thing you realize with Anna is that her sessions are not just about your body.  They're about your mind and spirit, as well.  


She works to 'graduate' your pain by helping your body's various energy fields flow properly.

With consistent treatment, my generalized anxiety is next to nothing.  


She's cured me of hypoglycemia and, if compulsive eating is a problem, she'll reduce that to distant memory.  


I've gone to her with both heart burn and a painful muscle strain (from yoga), which disappeared in one treatment.  After 4-5 treatments, the tendonitis I've had for 15 years is a thing of yesterday.  I cannot sing her praises enough!

I was skeptical, but I'm cured of that, too.  ;)  Give her a chance, you'll be happy you did!

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