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Certified Therapy Dog
December 26, 2006-August 5, 2022

Years before we had Tommy. She might have been 8 yo.

It’s so hard to say, “Goodbye.”

We have one more week with this beautiful soul.

I am so thankful that Pikachu has blessed us with grace.

Photo by Karen Gomez Atrero. Thank you for capturing this beautiful shot.

Shogun's Pikachu

Thank you, Benny Gasmen. She’ll be with you soon. Thank you for letting me borrow her. She’l be with you across rainbow bridge. She’s the best gift ever and though I am heartbroken to lose my best friend, I am so happy she will run wild and free with her friends and you. She was always a super fast runner.

Certified Therapy Dog

Worked at EIH from age 1.5-9 professionally

Highest Marks ever received by her grader on a first try

Highest tier as a CTD

We were looked down upon when we entered the certification class, but we walked out with our heads held high knowing that she outshined all the other dogs.

Never underestimate a #Staffie



Cared for and treated by Dr. Darlene O. Sanchez at Loving Hands Animal Hospital in Chino Hills. Best animal doctor on earth. You helped her live an amazing extended life, Doc. I appreciate you.

Chuchu is 15 years young. She blesses us every day.

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