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Arm Pain

Nancy C.
Lake Forest, CA

5.0 star rating

Healing through acupuncture - if you have not tried acupuncture I encourage you to explore the healing power of it, but caution you that you must stick with it.

All natural healing arts are not a pill or a shot and you feel better for 6 months. It is a commitment to yourself to be healed or free of pain. Not all acupuncture is created equal, and that is where Anna - Elements in Harmony - stands out above the rest!

I had limited motion and pain in my right arm from a shoulder injury and after a few treatments with Anna, I now am free of the pressing pain and have full range of motion restored.

We are now working on my long standing arthritic thumbs and the tendonitis from those thumbs. In the last few sessions I've been able to do the little things I could not do for a couple of months like dry myself off after a shower without pain, wash dishes, blow-dry my hair or pick up a glass of water with one hand!

Girls Doing Push-Ups
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