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Natural Fertility & Pregnancy Care
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Sara F.

Tustin, CA

5 Stars


As I sit here staring at my beautiful baby girl, I am filled with so much love and gratitude. I remember that it wasn't too long ago when I thought that having this moment was impossible.

My husband and I had always wanted 2 children, but struggled with infertility for years after our first child. We had already discussed IVF and the likelihood that we would never have the second child that we so desperately wanted. Before trying IVF, I decided to go to Anna and hope for a miracle before investing so much money into IVF.

A miracle is exactly what Anna gave me. At 41, I started getting treatments from Anna in September and I found out that I was pregnant in early November. I continued getting treatments twice a week to keep my pregnancy strong (after having a miscarriage previously). I had a very healthy pregnancy and now have a lovely little girl.

I couldn't be happier and I owe so much of my happiness to Anna and her amazing acupuncture treatments. I recommend Anna without reservation and want to thank her with all my heart. My family is now complete and my heart is now full because of her. Thank you!

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