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Vertigo & Dizziness

I suffered from the occasional bout of vertigo. It was brought on as a side effect from the prescription drug Cipro, and for months after I took this drug I would suffer from episodes of vertigo. My vertigo would come on when I slept and would wake me up spinning uncontrollably. The sensation would last for 2-4 hours, and I would be left feeling dizzy for extended periods after the spinning subsided.


I asked Anna to help me with both, the vertigo and the dizziness. Her treatments were very effective in treating the vertigo and the dizziness.


I have not been woken out of my sleep with spinning since last July, she treated me after a particular episode, with a very specific treatment. It worked and I have been spin free. The dizziness she treats and this symptom which is different than spinning, took longer to omit. We worked together in with treatments over the course of four months.


Her care and her treatments allowed me to return to workouts and a more active lifestyle without having to worry about feeling like I would fall.

Vertigo symptoms are unique to each person, and working with Anna in treating my body has helped me tremendously.


Acupuncture can successfully treat Vertigo.

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