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K P. 
Orange County, CA


5 Stars


I have only been going to Anna for about five sessions now and already I am sure I will be sticking with her for years to come. Her care, kindness, and expertise have already proved to be a huge blessing in my life. I have never trusted any healthcare practitioner so immediately and easily. These first few weeks has been intense for me but I know I'm in good hands and it's all for the purpose of my healing. 

Anna has a way of making you feel secure, cared for and respected -- and you will even find her frequently thanking you for coming to see her; a testament to her balanced nature and her clear understanding that it takes two to tango in this world of health and healing. 

I, myself, am about to begin studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and am so happy to have found a practitioner I can look up to and work with throughout the next 5-6 years of my rigorous education and growth in learning. I have a feeling she is going to be a saving grace for me through the many remarkable and challenging times I may face during my training over these next few years. 

I cannot sing Anna's praises enough and it has only been a few weeks. I can only imagine what great things I'll have to say about her in a few years, as I plan on working with her for that long and beyond.


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