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Stressful Pregnancy

Danielle T.

Aliso Viejo, CA


5 Stars



After a very tough couple of months at the beginning of my pregnancy, I decided to give acupuncture a try. I searched 'the best of the best acupuncturist' here on Yelp, and I found Anna.


Aside from her being very kind and understanding, and AMAZING at what she does, she helped me and my pregnancy go SO smoothly.


At the beginning, I was having HORRIBLE breakouts. I mean, I've always had horrible skin, but I had NEVER seen my skin like the way it was the first few months I was preggers. That was the main reason why I went in.


I also had stress tremors, where if I'd feel "overloaded" or extremely stressed, my head would shake, in a "no-no" kinda way. After a couple treatments a week for a few weeks I notice my #tremors had lessened and my skin had started to clear. I continued to see Anna, even though I felt I didn't "need" her treatments anymore, just to make sure I would have a healthy pregnancy and for my own well being (both emotionally and physically).


After one of my ultrasounds, we had found out that I had marginal placenta previa. I informed Anna of this, and after two months of her treatments, once a week, I went back in for an ultrasound, and sure enough, I no longer had it. At that ultrasound though, they ended up realizing the baby was breech, and they said we need to have this baby turn if you want to have him naturally. I told Anna of the baby being breech, and after once a week treatments for a month, I went back into the Dr's office and the baby had turned.


Throughout the pregnancy, I told her that I really wanted to have my baby as close to the due date as possible, meaning, I didn't want to be one of those statistics where I was like 2 weeks over due. Main reason was because both my family and my husband's family were in town, and I didn't want them to miss out on "BabyT's" arrival. We had talked about her doing an "induction" once my due date had passed. I scheduled an appointment with her to do a "soft induction", as she would say; she wanted to prepare my body for childbirth. Well, let's just say that my body was extremely sensitive to her treatment (which is a good thing, don't get me wrong!), and I ended up having slight contractions at her office while under needles. I went home that night, fell asleep, and sure enough, 3 am rolls around, and I start having REAL contractions. I couldn't believe it! Within 24 hours after getting her treatment, I was holding my beautiful baby boy! Acupuncture WORKS PEOPLE!!! haha TRUST ME!


Anyways, this was a very short and abbreviated version of all the things she helped me with and I just wanted to share it with the world, so more people go see her and can experience her healing treatments.


Thank you so much, Anna! I really appreciate everything you did for me. You are TRULY the BEST!


Now... If only I could find the time to go visit her NOW! BabyT sure keeps me busy! One day soon, hopefully...

Pregnant Woman
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