Stressful Pregnancy

Danielle T.

Aliso Viejo, CA


5 Stars



After a very tough couple of months at the beginning of my pregnancy, I decided to give acupuncture a try. I searched 'the best of the best acupuncturist' here on Yelp, and I found Anna.


Aside from her being very kind and understanding, and AMAZING at what she does, she helped me and my pregnancy go SO smoothly.


At the beginning, I was having HORRIBLE breakouts. I mean, I've always had horrible skin, but I had NEVER seen my skin like the way it was the first few months I was preggers. That was the main reason why I went in.


I also had stress tremors, where if I'd feel "overloaded" or extremely stressed, my head would shake, in a "no-no" kinda way. After a couple treatments a week for a few weeks I notice my #tremors had lessened and my skin had started to clear. I continued to see Anna, even though I felt I didn't "need" her treatments anymore, just to make sure I would have a healthy pregnancy and for my own well being (both emotionally and physically).


After one of my ultrasounds, we had found out that I had marginal placenta previa. I informed Anna of this, and after two months of her treatments, once a week, I went back in for an ultrasound, and sure enough, I no longer had it. At that ultrasound though, they ended up realizing the baby was #breech, and they said we need to have this baby turn if you want to have him naturally. I told Anna of the baby being breech, and after once a week treatments for a month, I went back into the Dr's office and the baby had turned.


Throughout the pregnancy, I told her that I really wanted to have my baby as close to the due date as possible, meaning, I didn't want to be one of those statistics where I was like 2 weeks over due. Main reason was because both my family and my husband's family were in town, and I didn't want them to miss out on "BabyT's" arrival. We had talked about her doing an "induction" once my due date had passed. I scheduled an appointment with her to do a "soft induction", as she would say; she wanted to prepare my body for childbirth. Well, let's just say that my body was extremely sensitive to her treatment (which is a good thing, don't get me wrong!), and I ended up having slight contractions at her office while under needles. I went home that night, fell asleep, and sure enough, 3 am rolls around, and I start having REAL contractions. I couldn't believe it! Within 24 hours after getting her treatment, I was holding my beautiful baby boy! Acupuncture WORKS PEOPLE!!! haha TRUST ME!


Anyways, this was a very short and abbreviated version of all the things she helped me with and I just wanted to share it with the world, so more people go see her and can experience her healing treatments.


Thank you so much, Anna! I really appreciate everything you did for me. You are TRULY the BEST!


Now... If only I could find the time to go visit her NOW! BabyT sure keeps me busy! One day soon, hopefully...

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