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Post-Car Accident

Heather P.
Aliso Viejo, CA


5 Stars



I have had ongoing issues after a car accident and needed additional help beyond traditional physical therapy.

I was skeptical, but went in open minded and Anna was very patient and listened to all my issues. It soon became not just about my specific health issues, but about me all around, who I am and what I wanted to get out of seeing her.

Her office is open and very much for those who don't mind being around other patients, but she focuses on you. You very much feel she is doing this for you and it's not about HER. After seeing Anna, I very much felt that she wanted to see me get better, to "graduate." It was not about having me need to see her forever.

And with Anna, how can you not want to say with a smile that she is warm and sincere and believes in what she does. It is all about your comfort. Do not be afraid to say you are not comfortable, you want to move, you need this or you need that. I felt empowered and that I had a voice in my treatment.

And yes, I noticed a difference.

But what has been most frustrating is that I had to stop going because my insurance does not cover her and I noticed how much she was helping me. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. I now see even more how much I was improving.

I highly recommend Anna, she will listen to you and make your needs her priority. She will make you a believer.

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