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Addiction to Sweets

Hi Anna,


Everyone experiences addiction in one way or another in a lifetime. Mine started early in life and ended after a series of acupuncture treatments. Simply stated I craved sugar, all types of sugar and food with a high sugar content tasted the best. Chocolate and peanut butter, cookie and candy tasted great and I craved these foods daily. I remember the conversation I had with you about my addictions and you said there was a treatment for addiction. Since acupuncture had fixed another health issue I decided to give it a try. The first few times not much seemed to change, but then over the course of several weeks I noticed my cravings for sugar were decreasing. I tried to go "cold turkey" only to binge on sugar a few days later and had to see you several times because my stomach was very upset from eating the junk food. Amazing to me still is how a few needles relieved the pain from my indulgences. You got me back on track and over the course of a few months I gave up sugar almost totally. I stopped eating any form of candy, cake, cookies, and items with a high sugar content that is not natural. As I got off the addiction cycle, fruit started tasting sweet and other foods of all types started having flavors I had never noticed before. You gave me a very specific treatment over the course of a lot of treatments; it was several months and I will leave it at that. If someone wants to know what the treatment was truly intended for that you used on me; then they can ask you.


For those who are struggling with food addictions, I understand and sympathize. This is a tough battle but one you do not have to face alone. Family and friends are important in supporting your decision to fight food addictions. Work with an acupuncturist who understands addictions and can help you through the withdrawal and the cravings. Understand you can accomplish this fight, but it will take time.

Don't focus on what you are giving up, but focus on the fact you are getting healthy. In the race of life, it is a marathon, not a sprint you are traveling, and each day is one step closer to your goal.


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