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James L.

Emeryville, CA





I been coming here off and on for a year and I can't believe I haven't reviewed this bad!!  Ana is a great healer, but more importantly, a great person.  She makes you feel comfortable and wanting to heal you. 

I have come to her with anxiety, dizziness, stress, stomach issues, etc. off and on for a year.  She has always put my ying-yang (Qi) in balance in a very short period of time.  She has given my life back when things go alittle nuts.  

I love going into treatment with her as I lay there with needles in me and just meditating away.  It is my time to relax my mind and body and it feels so freakin good.  I really get an outer body experience and I know I am in heaven with her treatment.  

When it is over, I always want more.  Anna is great as she listens and wants to know your progress.  If you are still feeling "blah", she will ask you to come back.  If you are fine, she will see you when you want to see her.  She does not pressure you to see her all the time unless you want to.  This what makes her a truly great healer!!

I will always be back to Anna as acupuncture is now a part my life!!

Stressed Man
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