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Let's feel happier!

Dr. Dolopo creates videos and does private consultations to help us all look at life with more positivity. 
4  Subscription Options:

$300 a month 

$20 a month: Videos only
This does not include Happy Club Membership

$150 a month 

Welcome to Dr. Dolopo's Happy Club!

You are welcome to join! Text or Telegram Dr. Dolopo at 619-341-4341 or email and let us know that you want to join our Happy Club. ​She will call you to welcome you to our monthly membership. 

This training is 100% on personal development. All passwords for the videos are for HAPPY CLUB VIDEOS only. 

You can cancel your subscription anytime. 



Your monthly subscription of $150 includes:

1. 1 Acupuncture (no private consultation; value $110 non-fertility; $150 fertility)

2. FREE QI GONG classes. I teach 1-2 times a month at the beach (value $30/class)

3. Personal development videos (value $20/month)


Your monthly subscription of $300 includes:

1. 1 Acupuncture with private 50 minute consultation (value $250 non-fertility; $300 fertility)

2. FREE QI GONG classes. I teach 1-2 times a month at the beach (value $30/class)

3. Personal development videos (value $20/month)

Your monthly subscription of $500 includes:

Click here for details


Your monthly subscription of $500

1. Personal development videos

2. Business videos

3. 1 hour phone consultation

4. FREE QI GONG classes. I teach 1-2 times a month at the beach. (value $30/class)

For business training, Telegram Dr. D at 1-619-341-4341.

Welcome to Dr. Dolopo's Happy Club!








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addressing fear lioness-portrait-picture
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Anna Dolopo licensed acupuncturist since 1999
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just be happy family-walks-hand-in-hand-down-a-tropical-paradise-beach-during-picture-id12
self-confidence just-wanna-celebrate-life-picture-id1189143194 (1).jpg
winning mindset racer-crossing-the-finish-line-smiling-picture-id77930912.jpg
confidence strong-woman-concept-vector-id1337683229.jpg
extraordinary be-super-picture-id150687910.jpg
complaining pain-of-changing-picture-id1157380242.jpg
success excited-asian-young-man-in-black-clothes-picture-id1333924097.jpg
death lily-flower-on-the-dark-background-condolence-card-empty-place-for-a-picture-id83018
empowered businessman-push-impossible-wording-to-possible-wording-on-top-of-picture-id1283
deserve hand-drawn-lettering-quote-the-inscription-you-deserve-good-things-vector-id140350
2022 integration technique psychology-concept-sunrise-and-woman-silhouette-head-picture-id
friends hugging-friends-rear-view-vector-vector-id1310397334.jpg
delayed gratification korean-pregnant-woman-standing-on-blue-background-picture-id14081817
laser focus burning-lens-picture-id1152284134.jpg
high man-raise-hand-up-on-top-of-mountain-and-sunset-sky-star-with-eagle-picture-id1157488
how you do anything the-concept-of-unity-cooperation-teamwork-and-charity-picture-id129069
fun its-a-paddle-board-time-picture-id1327654972 (1).jpg
don't care too much couple-sitting-on-deck-chair-at-beach-picture-id1177570842.jpg

Accept Yourself for Who You Are

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Posted December 19, 2021

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Now Here

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How you do anything is how you do everything

The Importance of Feeling Empowered

I deserve what I want!

Leadership Skills

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Lower Your Expectations of Others & Just Be Happy

Lucky & Passionate #51

Make Yourself Happy

Patience #48

Patience & Knowingness #49

Self Awareness

Self Confidence

Stay Positive even when it's Tough!

Take Care of Yourself #34

Take the High Road #47

The Power of Recognition

The Power of Surrender

The Power of Your Thoughts #57

Processing Grief


Respect Yourself

Tips on how to heal from anxiety

Tough Times Don't Last - Tough People Do #43

Toughen Up #41

Understanding Ignorant & Condescending People

Walk away from what you don't like

Watch Your Words #27

When Life Beats You Down

When Things Don't Go Your Way #28

You Are Worthy #40

Your Friends #54

You Don't Have to Make a Choice. You Just Have to Make a Decision.

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