Welcome to An's Happy Club!

You are welcome to join! Text An at 619-341-4341 or email anna@elementsinharmonyacupuncture.com and let us know that you want to join our Happy Club. ​Anna will call you to welcome you to our monthly membership. 

This training is 100% on personal development. All passwords for the videos (47 as of MAY 2020) are for HAPPY CLUB VIDEOS only. 

Welcome to An's Happy Club!

Accepting Change #37

Accepting Your Current Circumstances #17

Addressing Fear & Self Esteem #20

Ambition #31

Appreciation #13

Assumption & Confrontation #4

BadAss Women Who Do What They Want #16

Balancing Act

Contrast & Negative Energy #38

Creating Success: Time & Effort #39

Enjoy the Moment #46

Follow Your Passion #44

High on Life #45

Let Go of Your Resistances #42

Take the High Road #47

Tough Times Don't Last - Tough People Do #43

Toughen Up #41

You Are Worthy #40

The other videos are being uploaded from 


while we are currently rebranding.

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