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Shoulder Pain:
Acupuncture & Massage
Yelp 304+

George P.

5 Star Review


I had seen Anna a couple years ago for acupuncture and had good results.

Since that time I have lost a bunch of weight and been really trying to get the body into shape.

My shoulders from a hospitalizations get very very sore. Also have nerve damage in my arms.

For several years I have tried more massage folks than I cared to count.

I do have one therapist who does help my shoulders.

On Dec 31 I texted Anna out of desperation I was uncomfortable and sore in my shoulders and arms.

She saw me and went to work right away. It was not the most pleasant massage because she really wanted to help my shoulders she said give it a few days you will feel better.

She worked my shoulders something fierce. Then she gave me acupuncture.

Got done and was very, very sore for 48 hours. I did drink a bunch of water as she asked me too.


A couple days later I feel incredible no soreness what so ever.

Anna is awesome and a great person and friend.

She now owns my shoulders and my arms forever.

Thanks, Anna, you're the best!!!!"

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