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Jeanna B.

Long Beach, CA


5 Stars



Before I found Anna in January of this year, I was in a lot of pain. My first car accident (severe whiplash, no broken bones) was at 9 years old. Fast forward through some hard jars, falls, and various other injuries in 22 years. I was suffering from debilitating headaches every other day, upper/middle/lower back pain, hip and foot pain. For no apparent reason, my fingers would feel like they had been slammed in a car door. My shoulders would be drastically uneven every other week. It hurt to walk for longer than 10 minutes and my neck was so weak, I had to hold my head up when I would lean over to fill out paperwork or read. My chiropractor was sometimes seeing me 3 times a week to put everything back into place but frequently these treatments held only 3-4 hours.


Tomorrow will be my 75th acupuncture treatment and I no longer see the chiropractor. I am now enjoying every morning because the headaches are not there. I'm no longer popping pain pills and living in a fog half of my waking moments. The numbness and pain in my arms and hands have left. The strength in my neck and back has increased and my posture has improved greatly. We are still working on some lower back/hip pain and a faint weakness in my feet, but I can now wear flip flops after being trapped in shoes that could accommodate my somewhat bulky $300 foot braces for over 2 years.


Anna's kind words and treatments have given me the ability to live a much fuller life. The results I've found with Anna supersede all others. Since my first treatment, my pain levels have gone down around 70%. I believe I need around 20-50 more treatments to graduate from my pain. Just a little bit further to go until I'm pain free. Something I never thought possible before I met Anna.

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