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Yelp 234+
Sciatic Pain

Sharon I.

Mission Viejo, CA

5 Stars


Anna is amazing.  She has helped my husband deal with sciatica pain over the course of about a month.  He has improved tremendously.  He went from pain that he described as 9, on a scale of 1 to 10, down to .5 or almost non-existent.  This improvement occurred over the course of 5 visits. After the first visit, he immediately noticed a marked improvement.  He was pain free for a few hours.  Although the pain returned, it was less than before the treatment.  Each succeeding treatment yielded more and more improvement.  In addition to being skilled at what she does, Anna is very caring and compassionate.  

Update:  My husband now has zero pain.  He just had his 7th treatment because he had it scheduled and didn't want to cancel it and also because he wanted to tell Anna that he was no longer in pain.

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