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Yelp 257+

Jessica C.

Southern California, CA

5 Stars


Where do I even begin?

I have nothing but positive things to say about Anna and her practice.

Some context behind my 5 star review: I am a health care provider at a local hospital who was being treated by Anna for unexplained infertility. Western medicine, all of my training, research and prayers were not working. After several unsuccessful treatments and years of trying with other acupuncture specialists and IVF doctors, I was referred to Anna- by another Eastern Medicine doctor.

Immediately she was thoughtful, thorough, prompt and sensitive to my struggle with infertility for several years. She laid out her personalized treatment plan and coordinated with my IVF treatments.

She is upfront about her approach and expectations of you as a patient and is truly invested in her patients' progresses. After about 3 months of treatment with Anna and IVF, I became pregnant! I continued my treatments throughout my entire pregnancy and had minimal negative symptoms, like morning sickness, pain or headaches; from IVF or near- term pregnancy!

Not only an amazing healer and practitioner, but I often joke that she has become more of a therapist too!

I plan to continue my treatments with Anna because of the positive, relaxing and warm nature of her office. Not to mention, I have seen such progress with her other patients as they enter and leave their own appointments. I truly don't think I would have had my angel baby without her treatment, guidance, friendship and support!

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