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Committed Patient
Yelp #148

jessica s.

Huntington Beach, CA



3/16/2016  Updated review


All these years later and I'm still one of Dr. Dolopo's biggest fans!! She is kind and attentive and listens to all of my concerns before she begins treatment. My appointments with her are the highlight of my day, I always leave there feeling refreshed and renewed. I have referred countless friends and family over to her all of which have been ecstatic with their results. Love her and the service she provides me!


10/5/2012  Previous review


Ok so.....

I am not one to automatically assume the best, however Dr. Dolopo has made me a believer. Well, let me rephrase that, my body after her treatments had made me a believer. 

When I started my treatments I had a laundry list of problems I had no hopes of curing. After 7 treatments I literally have maybe one or two things still lingering, which she said would take a while such as allergies. I had a cyst in my left hand which handicapped me from working as a hairdresser (that doesn't work) that is now 95% gone. And as for the rest I won't get into details but I feel 100% better.


I'm not squeamish, although the thought of needles entering my body doesn't exactly put me at ease. Dr. D is amazing. I do not feel the treatment while she's doing it, and I now regard it as a welcome day-time nap. 


 I can't speak for anyone but myself but as far as i am concerned she is a master of her trade and would find it hard to come across someone else as passionate and in love with her craft as she. I couldn't be happier with my progress and for the simple fact that I love going and feeling amazing I don't see myself going anywhere. Run, don't walk!

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