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Natural Fertility with Dr. Dolopo

Prior to working with Dr. Dolopo, mommy suffered years of multiple heartaches during her journey of conceiving her very powerful baby.

Details of number of treatments are below Google photos.

Mommy texted me EVERY DAY her writings, activities,
Qi Gong with me at the beach, and more.
Daddy came in for treatments.

Success leaves clues.

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March 15, 2021 first visit

March 11, 2022 7 weeks pregnant

Total number of visits (pre-pregnancy and pregnancy care): 109 treatments

78 treatments (pre-pregnancy) in 2021 March - December and January - February 2022

Average 6.5 treatments (tx) per month in 12 months

March 5 (tx)

April 7 tx

May 7 tx

June 6 tx

July 7 tx

August 9 tx

September 8 tx

October 7 tx

November 7 tx

December 5 x

Treatments prior to pregnancy in 2022

January 5 tx

February 5 tx 

March 11, 2022: 7 weeks pregnant

Tx given March 3 and 7 before Dr. Dolopo was notified that mommy was 7 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy care 2022:

Total pregnancy care 31 tx as of 35 weeks pregnant at time of receiving testimonial

March 11-28: 5 tx

April 9 tx

May 6 tx

June 4 tx

July 2 tx

August 3 tx

September 2 tx as of 9/21/2022 

Testimonial received September 22, 2022

35 weeks pregnant

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Fertility Review

I remember scouring reviews, blogs, FB groups, books, websites, etc. for answers about my fertility. I don’t have all the answers, but I’m 35 weeks pregnant and hope sharing my experience will help. I started seeing Anna in March of 2021. My husband and I (both 41) had been looking to conceive since 2017, had a miscarriage in 2018 (natural pregnancy), 2 failed IVFs in 2019, 1.5 failed IVFs in 2020, and a miscarriage in February 2021 (natural pregnancy). Reasons provided included “advanced maternal age”, and “poor egg quality”.

It was a little rocky at first. I ask a lot of questions by nature, and was coming off of another devastating loss. Anna initially questioned my commitment. As the weeks progressed, we got to know and understand each other. Every treatment was relaxing, and a nap inevitable. She’s very passionate about what she does, she’s knowledgeable in both western and eastern medicine, and she’ll generously share what has worked for her past patients. No other care provider will care about your goals as much as she does.

As a type A personality, my focus had orbited my career, goals, achievements, etc. The tough thing about fertility is that it’s not something that you can just work hard at and achieve. Had my AMH tested, my uterus scanned (previously had a large fibroid removed), had my tubes flushed, read books, researched online, talked with girlfriends going through fertility issues, met with various doctors, tried countless supplements and diets that promote fertility, and even quit my 16 year career. When each period came, I felt disappointed. And worse, that I was letting my husband down.

The biggest focus during the experience with Anna is having an open mind. Being able to shift your perspective, your priorities, and to try new things. Felt like I had tried everything, so what did I have to lose? Qigong, journaling, reading Healing with Whole Foods, watching Anna’s videos, moxibustion, integration, etc. As a fertility patient, Anna’s expectations of you are high. The process is time consuming and takes commitment. It may not be for everyone, but it was worth it for me. We conceived naturally right before my 41st birthday this year. In the end, it wasn’t due to efforts trying to “achieve”pregnancy. My husband and I believe treatments with Anna helped with regulating my periods, giving me a mild pregnancy, and having a strong, healthy baby who’s measuring on track in every way. My IVF doctor even commented about how “beautiful” my uterus became and asked what I had changed. Odd compliment, but happily accepted.

Now Anna and I are discussing treatments to prepare me for birth, induction (if needed), and even milk production and postpartum care. She’s talented, compassionate, and she cares deeply about her work and her patients. I feel comfortable that I’m in good hands, and I hope you will too.

*Insurance tip: I submitted an out of network claim/receipts quarterly to insurance. Once my out of network deductible was met, insurance reimbursed me for a portion of the treatment costs. Check your insurance terms and see if this would benefit you.

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