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Age 41

Yelp 265+

I started seeing Anna in the summer of 2019 for secondary Infertility. I was referred to her by a previous acupuncturist who specialized in fertility.

Although I wasn't new to acupuncture or traditional Chinese medicine, I had never received treatment under the Balance Method Acupuncture before.

From the moment I met Anna I knew that I was in the right place. The consultation alone gave me hope and she spent so much time creating the right plan for me and my goal.

Throughout the following year, I followed Anna's plan and with the help of IVF, I successfully gave birth to a healthy, vibrant baby girl.

Although I was primarily seeing Anna for a fertility issues, she was able to treat so many different ailments that popped up for me throughout that year. I would always say her work was "magic," but in reality, she is so good and knowledgeable in what she does and she will tell you what she can or cannot do.

Her positivity is infectious and she is so supportive, especially when you're going through something as isolating as infertility.

I cannot recommend Anna and her services enough. Not only for fertility, but truly for anything that might be bothering you, like chronic pain or anything really.

Thank you Anna for everything that you do!

102 treatments from August 1, 2019 - April 2, 2021.

Baby born April 3, 2021. 

August 7, 2020 was week she would find out if she was pregnant.

78 treatments to prepare mommy for IVF

October 15, 2020

14 weeks pregnant

28 treatments of pregnancy care with Balance Method Acupuncture

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