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Bell's Palsy
Yelp 153+

Drew S.
Aliso Viejo, CA

5.0 star rating

I am HEALED!!! Anna is awesome! She is very professional and will do a consultation with you if you have any questions or concerns. I love that she does not tell you when you have to come, but suggest what would be best and leaves it up to you for how you want to go about your treatment. The facility is very clean and warm feeling. She makes certain that you are very comfortable when you are there. If you have any stress or pains I highly recommend you come here.

My story:


I had developed Bell's Palsy at the end of January. I had paralysis on the right side of my face, could barely close my eye or smile. My face was literally crooked. "This is a temporary thing that should go away in 3 to 6 months on it's own," is what my doctor said. He said there really isn't any thing known to help heal. Desperate to not accept that, I was told by a few people that acupuncture would be something to try. After researching and reading about acupuncture I was ready to try. I was so happy that a friend who has been and still see Anna recommended her.

I called Anna and she was very professional and sent me email of her website and testimonial on previous patients she treated that had Bell's Palsy. To my relief I felt so comfortable after seeing all the positive feedback and cure from the testimonials. I knew this was the place for me.

My first visit was great! We treated it aggressively and yes, there were a lot of needles, but didn't feel any pain, and she was very gentle. After my first treatment the next day I noticed an incredible difference. I was able to close my eye halfway. I would say about 30% better.

My next few visits were just as amazing and within 3 weeks about 4 more visits, I was 100%.

I was able to close my eye all the way and actually smile all the way. All this within 4 weeks!

Anna is a healer and despite what my doctor said, she was able to heal me within a month, not 3-6 months. I am a believer and I cannot express how much gratitude and happiness I have for her.

Thank you Anna! You made me 100%!!!

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