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Foot Pain
Restless Leg Syndrome

Giuseppe M.
Evanston, WY

5.0 star rating 

My gosh - 100 reviews and a SOLID 5 star establishment!

Truth is, Anna deserves 1,000 x 1,000 5 star reviews!


I've seen Anna for 3 separate issues over the last 10 years.


My first encounter with her was to deal with chronic foot pain. Daily foot massages were the only relief I could find for what I was accepting as a part of life. The hour long massages would only produce a couple of hours of relief. Usually just enough to fall asleep. Anna's name started to circulate around the office and each testimony made me more and more curious. Eventually, I took the information and made an appointment to get "stuck" with needles... (Come on, you know that's how you think of acupuncture!).


As with all new clients, Anna will sit down and explain a bunch of stuff to you about insurance, care, health, nutrition, and costs. She's remarkably gentle, caring and reassuring. That reassurance is a spirit of encouragement surrounded by an immense amount of confidence. With an incredible smile she will ask if you want to move forward. After dealing with the foot pain for decades, I was willing to try anything. She just made that decision a lot easier.

Getting stuck with the needles was less painless than I anticipated. And once I experienced relief from the pain, I was eager to keep going. Each visit produced more and more relief, with the time between the foot pain's return growing further and further apart. Eventually, the pain was completely gone and I suspended visits to her before we completed the calculated number of visits. I became a believer of eastern medicine.

10 years had past since that first experience when I started to have issues with Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). Some quick research online sent me into a depression as most reports stated that there is no cure for RLS. Recommendations for relief were all a no-go option for me. The nights of poor to no sleep were beginning to impact my days. I was again desperate for relief. Eventually, acupuncture came to mind and I went frantically searching for "that girl's" information again! Eventually, I found Anna's information buried on my hard drive and texted her.

Thank God, she was still in business, still in Orange County and somehow remembers me! An appointment was made and I spent almost every other day in her office for about 2 weeks before I was 100% pain free and satisfied!

My 3rd and latest experience with Anna was about a year later. I must have bruised the sole of my foot hiking or something. After waiting nearly 3 months for the foot to heal so that I could walk normally, I decided to see Anna again. Having a better understanding of how acupuncture works by this point, I knew that stimulating the nerves would accelerate the healing process. This injury seemed to be a bit more stubborn to heal. The sessions were long, more frequent and more than expected before the last 20% of pain dissipated.

Anna and acupuncture is 3 for 3 in my book. That's 3 more success stories than I ever got from modern medicine and/or doctors. I hope this testimony along with the 100 others before me encourages you to give Anna a call.



This review brings me to tears. To say that I am very appreciative of my patients is an understatement.

I am very grateful that I chose this field. I am very grateful that I stuck it out even when the going got tough...which it did MANY TIMES.

It seems like the last 19 years just flew by and it may seem to the readers that since I have a lot of Yelps and testimonials on my websites that this medicine must have come easily for me. I must have always kept my faith. I must have always believed in this medicine. I'll just say here in a nutshell - it was not easy. I lost my faith a few times. I fell a few times. I was disheartened more than I can count. I never thought I could make a living with Chinese medicine. But here I am.

Believe in your dreams. They do come true. My greatest gratitude to everyone who has ever believed in me and has given me a chance to stick you with acupuncture needles and share a few words of wisdom.

Above all, I am thankful to my family and mentors who see greatness in me - even when I have ever doubted myself.

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